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  • Complete

    Starting from your idea and following the path, depending on the requirements and needs that you will have, we offer our complete web services. Our team is characterized by punctuality, reliability, initiative and by constantly attempt to master web design in order to achieve excellent results. We are always ready to help and to offer a complete experience.

  • Management

    We offer assistance and we are willing to guarantee a unique experience and also to learn you to manage your own site. If you fail, we are always available for you, giving you a complete technical support and management adapted to your needs and demands. As a creative team, we offer different alternatives and ideas in choosing the best options. Our goal is to satisfied even the highest demands.

  • Concept

    We promise a concept upgraded to the latest standards in web programming. We always use the latest technologies on the market: HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, MySQL. Transparency and communication excellence is a standard concept that we offer to our clients even after the project is completed.

  • Complete


We offer unique and innovative Web Sites special-fitting on your requirements. We are aware that each customer has their own tastes and their own vision of his project therefore we’ll treat each client as unique. No matter you are a new customer, you will be treated with the same respect and devotion because satisfying our customers is our mission. Here are some of services that we offer:

Web Site Start

We offer web site home page presentation and information about activities, services and products for your company and also establish a fast connection between client and company using location and display program. With this site you can promote your business online market where future customers will always find regardless of time or day. Before taking a web site, we want to understand your needs and also the vision that you have on the new online design company. We will take care of the rest, we will make a market in CEE needles studio competition and we will provide a solution to produce an advantage in the market.

Web Site ProLINE

Provides in addition to Start Web Site an administration panel that benefit if your business is complex. This panel offers anytime access (via a web browser) access to images, texts and products from the company 's website. It does not require advanced technical knowledge, because it has a simple, intuitive interface. Together we will create an efficient project with a specific and special structure.

Web Site eCommerce

Online sales market represents a significant share of trade in the XXI century. With ecommerce website, your company will have a new member: an online seller willing to work 24/7 without any break. To meet the demands of your employee which we are preparing will encompass innovative ideas and will hold special online store to meet customer requirements. The main thing that we want to encompass to online shop created by us is the functionality and usability. According to recent studies in the field of online sales, online customers looking for simplicity, speed and professionalism. Besides these things we offer you the uniqueness because every online business is different.

Web Site mResponsive

In the modern world smartphone is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity, so we will make sure that your website can be viewed whit a modern device. We optimize the product using his design to be perfectly responsive on any screen size.

Promotion SEO and AdWords

Your web site promotion needs to reach the target audience. With SEO and AdWords promotion we will make sure that becomes a reality. Promotion through SEO technique allows the “visitor selection”, so only those who search sought information that can be found on your website will be attracted. Online Promotion Services have a low cost as opposed to a banner ad, and have great results. We do not promise it, we get excellent results for you.

External Program

With this program you will reduce the cost of managing your website through profit. In addition to AdWords (pay), we can record in AdSense (Google's advertising service payments). On your site will appear advertisements (supported by Google). We can create personal pages on the company's various sites promotion according to your requirements..

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